Catch Sensors


• Size: 12”L x 4.5”D x 7”W

• Weight: 12 lbs

• Frequency: 40 khz / 70 khz

• Charge Time: 6 hrs

• Requires NiCad battery charger

• Range: 2500 m

• Operation Time : Approx. 170 hrs

• Depth Rating: 1500 m



• NFS770BC - NiCad Battery Charger



The NFS-740/770 series of catch sensors (eggs) is the latest generation of accoustic fishing aid. The units can be programmed to operate with all major brands of trawl sonar equipment.


Some of the new features include programmable frequency selection, higher efficiency transducers, re-enforced case, extra battery life, and an optional side pull trigger switch. Maintenance is kept to a minimum using shock resistant surface mount technologies. If service is ever required to unit, repairs can be made to component level keeping cost to a minimum.



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